It’s a great time for Real Estate in Jacksonville


It is a good time for buying and selling homes in Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
Best Real Estate in Jacksonville

It’s a pretty active and exciting time for both home buyers and home sellers.

Priced competitively, home sellers are selling their homes in 30-60 days, much more quickly than the 9 month Days on Market we were seeing several years ago. Conversely, if you are a home buyer out looking for a home, you might have discovered to your dismay  that the home you are making an offer on already has several other offers and you are now in a” highest and best”  bidding situation. Your Real Estate Professional is vital at a time like this. And if you are listing your home, knowing how to get the most for your home will depend on who you have advising you.

Whether you are buying or selling, an experienced Realtor can help you navigate your options and opportunities.                           

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    “Having worked for the same Real Estate Investment group for the past 18 years, when it’s time to buy or sell property I need to rely on someone that has the experience and professionalism to represent my best interest and understands the complex challenges that can sometimes accompany both buyers and sellers. For all my residential real  estate in the greater Jacksonville market, I rely on Judy Hamilton to assist me. She has the experience and knowledge to get the job done, always willing to go the extra mile with a positive ‘can do’ approach. I’m never left guessing at ‘what’s next’, I’ve always got Judy by my side to assist me” Steve H.- Executive Vice President, Real Estate Investment Trust.

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The City of Jacksonville is centered on the banks of the St. John’s river and runs along the Atlantic Ocean for approximately 885 square miles. There are more than 500 neighborhoods within this area and offer every type of lifestyle, architecture and price range for your real estate investment.

Buying and Selling New Homes in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Skyline by Jonathan Zander

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Whether it is the comfortable climate, or the fact that Jacksonville offers the largest urban park system in the U.S. with more than 80,000 acres providing access to boating, swimming, fishing sailing, and waterskiing, Jacksonville seems to be one of Florida’s best kept secrets.Jacksonville Beach Real Estate             Real estate investors find income properties at prices often lower than any other major Florida city, and home buyers searching for personal property have so many types of homes, communities, and amenities to choose from, it can be quite dizzying.

 Real Estate in Jacksonville

Buying New Real Estate in Jacksonville

Jacksonville has many affordable homes for first-time buyers on a budget or investors looking for properties to offer as rentals. We also have a plethora of luxury homes and communities, all available for the ready home-buyer.

Westside, Northside, Atlantic Beach, Queens Harbour, Fleming Island, which community or area will provide the lifestyle and comfort that you are looking for? With over 8000 listings (homes listed on MLS) available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Using a Jacksonville has many affordable homes for first-time buyers on a budget or investors looking for properties to offer as rentals. We also have a plethora of luxury homes and communities, all available for the ready home-buyer. Westside, Northside, Atlantic Beach, Queens Harbour, Fleming Island, which community or area Real Estate Professional will help you sort out all the important questions, and help you develop a process to begin and end successfully with the home of your dreams.

The Home that is Right for You

Are you choosing the home that is right for you?
Buying a New Home

How do you know what kind of home you really want and will be happy with?

A Real Estate professional can help you with this.

You need to begin at the beginning. First (after your budget and choosing your neighborhood), let’s talk about space. Are you downsizing? In my years as a real estate professional, I’ve had many retired people tell me they downsized TOO much, for example going from 2900 square feet to 1600 square feet. They were soon back out doing a NEW search for a NEW home.

Think about how you plan to use your home:

  • Will you have guests often?
  • Do you need an office?
  • Do you need a formal living room or a formal dining room?
  • Do you need storage (a 3 car garage maybe?)
  • How many bedrooms do you need now, and will that change in the next 2-4 years?
  • How do you feel about stairs?

I have had “empty nesters” looove the idea of an upstairs, out of sight and out of the way theater room. I might not recommend the idea to an 85 year old,  but if you are 60-65 and physically active, you might still enjoy the idea.

I have also had parents of young children acquiesce to their children’s thrill with the idea of having an upstairs and decide to buy a 2 story home. After years of living with the stairs, even the children were ready for a 1 story home. BUT having all your real living (read: messy rooms and toys) upstairs and keeping your downstairs neat and ready for guests can be an asset for a busy mother.

New Study

Think about your current daily life, and then visualize your life in the next 7 years. That is how you determine what type of home you need right now.

Real estate is more affordable than ever, and interest rates are at a long-time low. These rates might not last forever.


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How do you choose the BEST color for your home?

When your home is in need of a fresh coat of exterior paint, choosing the right color helps protect your home value. Blending in with the neighbors should be your top priority.

Live in a community that has a homeowners association? Check with the association before buying paint. You’ll likely have to choose your paint colors from a list of allowed shades from a couple of specific brands. Be sure to buy the exact color or you could have to repaint.

Live in a condo?  READ ON

FICO Changes Score Calculations: Will Your Score Rise?


A change in the way the popular FICO credit score is calculated could boost your score if:


  • You’ve settled past debts with a collection agency.
  • You have unpaid medical bills.
  • Your credit is thin because you’re just starting out or you’re a retiree who no longer uses a lot of credit.


Fair Isaac, the company that sells the FICO credit score CLICK HERE TO read more….


Nocatee Homes for Sale

Nocatee, located in Ponte Vedra, Florida was established in 2006. This unique “lifestyle” community offers a resort-style water playground as well as a plethora of activities and recreation for all ages. It is currently the 3rd fastest growing community in the nation

Nocatee Certified Agent

I am a Certified Nocatee Agent and can help you sort through ALL the details and info for Nocatee buyers. My services are free to you. Call or text me at (904) 838-0554

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See the latest Nocatee News Below “Nocatee Sales Up Staggering 72 Percent, Now Nation’s 6th Best-Selling Master-Planned Community PONTE VEDRA, Fla. (August X, 2013) – New home sales in Nocatee for the first half of 2013 are up a whopping 72 percent over 2012, making it the 6th best-selling master-planned community in the nation—up from its number-10 spot in 2012. The rankings are published in real estate advisory firm RCLCO’s Mid-Year 2013 Update, a survey of total home sales in the first half of 2013 at the nation’s top-selling master-planned communities. While sales were up at the majority of communities surveyed, Nocatee’s growth far outpaced all other Florida communities and all but one other community nationwide….. Read more here

Located between the Intracoastal Waterway and US 1, it is just minutes away from employment, the beaches and shopping.

Nocatee also provides a  55 and older gated community within a community.

NocateeThis community within Nocatee offers single family and carriage style homes for the adult active lifestyle. Would you like to see some Nocatee homes? Call me if you would like to visit Nocatee. I have sold over 200 New Homes and my services to help you get a great deal are free! (904) 838-0554

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Eagle Landing Homes For Sale

Offering Beautiful homes, large homesites surrounded by preserve areas and an 18 hole champion golf course, this community is full of style, elegance, as well as just plain fun! The neighborhood has incredible amenities; fitness center, clubhouse, amazing pool areas, as well as biking and walking trails throughout.

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What Does It Take To Buy A Home?

 It’s a great time to purchase a home, but do you know all of the details entailed to buy a home?

The article below will walk you through some of the information you might need!

House For Sale: What Does It Take To Buy A Home?

“When a home buyer sets out to purchase their first home they quickly discover that there are a lot of details involved. To make matters worse, the details vary depending on each individual buyers situation. While the general process is the same for…. read more..



A Real Estate professional can help you with all of this.

Choosing Your New Neighborhood

Choosing your new neighborhood is an important decision.

How do I decide WHERE you want to live???

Jacksonville is an incredibly beautiful large city with many, many suburbs and communities to choose from. Whether it is wild and woolly wooded areas, sunny and sandy beach areas, historical and architecturally diverse areas, and amenity filled communities laced with sidewalks and riding paths, Jacksonville will provide something to fit your lifestyle.

  • What are your interests? Sports; tennis, biking, swimming, walking? Or restaurants and nightlife?
  • Schools – are you attending college, or do you have family that will need schooling for years to come?
  • What do you do to relax? Do you like hunting, shopping, visiting neighbors?
  • Where are you employed? Are the roadways that take you every day to your job manageable?

A Real Estate Professional can help you with these important questions. After determining your budget – these are the next most important questions to ponder regarding your real estate decision.


Orange Park

Brick homes, oak trees, playgrounds, the St. John’s River……..all of these details paint a picture of my first impressions when I moved to Orange Park from West Palm Beach.

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Orange Park provides plenty of restaurants and shopping , plus your choice of real estate Orange Park Real Estateis diverse. We have large brick homes in established neighborhoods with gorgeous mature trees, we have country club living with great amenities including beautiful golf courses, and we have condo living for the person looking to relax and avoid yard maintenance. Running along the St. Johns River and conveniently located off of 295, Orange Park is home for many happy residents and offers plenty of things to do for the active homebuyer.


Would you like to take a look at some Orange Park homes?


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Walking, biking or running on the Doctor’s Lake bike trail


What I love about Orange Park